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                                 " FAST BOATS

                                      BUILT SLOW"Introduction

    Blackwell Racing Boats is made up of Bill, Mark and Roy Blackwell. This racing family grew up in the Seattle area during the ‘60’s. Boat racing was a big deal. Dad and Mom (Roy and Henriette) would always take the boys to the races. Sometimes it was Lake Washington to see the Unlimiteds and sometimes it was Green Lake for the Limiteds. Another time we might go see the Outboards at Silver Lake or elsewhere. It was a family affair. We had lake property on beautiful Lake Cavanaugh where everyone, it seemed, had a little hydro or runabout of some sort. Mom surprised dad one year when she bought him a Swift Hydro. It wasn’t long before Dad found a Mark 20H and a helmet and life jacket in the paper. Well, let’s just say we’ve been sponsonheads ever since! Bill and Mark graduated from dragging hydros behind their bikes to model boats. First there were the free running models. Then came radio control. It was only natural that we would start racing and building full size hydros.

    We’ve been building racing boats since 1985. Bill is the chief designer/builder. He has also served as test pilot for all experimental programs. Brother Mark Blackwell participates actively in the building and repair of the fleet. He also contributes with new design ideas and performance evaluations. He is especially accomplished in the radio control department. Father Roy Blackwell has been Factory Driver number 1 from the beginning. Ask anyone and they will tell you that Roy is a formidable driver to contend with. Roy also helps with the building and repairing. Our race boats cover Stock, Mod, PRO and J Outboard Hydroplanes and Runabouts. We also develop radio control model boats, including electric, nitro and gas. Other special projects include the attempt at the world’s fastest Electric Boat speed record. Our boats have won many National Titles and set World Speed Records in many APBA classes and divisions.

    Blackwell Racing Boats is proud to be providing our long list of factory driver with the best boat available.

    Interesting Projects

    Project Cannard - Blackwell Racing Boats designed, built and developed a full size canard (reverse three point) hydroplane that competed in the 20SS Hydro class in 1986. This boat was more of a test bed and proof of concept project. Many changes were tested on this hull. The boat was able to win some races. The results showed that this particular hull configuration was slightly slower (2-4 MPH) than current competitive hull types in that class. It was difficult to obtain a design that would both go fast through the turns and down the straightaways. Satisfactory performance could be achieved for one or the other, but not both. Acceleration was also lacking. One of the potential safety features was that this design would theoretically not blow over, but tests using radio controlled scale models showed that these designs will blow over. This hull currently hangs in the rafters of the Blackwell Racing Boats shop and is ready for an outboard to hang on the transom.

    Project Electric Boat - Blackwell Racing Boats took on the challenge to assist Norm Boddy in defending his World Speed Record for Electric Boats. Norm First set the American record and then surpassed the British record, held by Fionna, Countess of Arran at 50.825 MPH. Norm upped this record to 55.91 MPH  in 1994 and brought the record to the US. He then commissioned Blackwell Racing Boats to build a new boat. We designed and built a 13.5 ft Honeycomb Core Carbon Fiber Outboard Hydroplane. This new boat proved it’s worth during it’s maiden voyage by showing a speed of 70 MPH! A full 15 MPH over the existing record it was designed to protect! At the time, it was clearly the World’s Fastest Electric Boat. It did establish a mark in the 72 volt class that still stands. Mechanical problems have plagued the boat during each trip to the Kilometer Time Trials. It did officially match the current world record, but was never able to put it all together at a sanctioned event. It was a fun engineering project. This hydro had to be designed to carry a payload, namely, the 12 lead acid batteries which powered the craft. It needed to not only be able to statically “float” this payload of approximately 600 lbs, but it also had to “fly” or dynamically carry this payload at speed. Many of the lessons learned from racing radio control electric model hydros became useful and applied directly to this project. This boat did successfully compete in APBA’s Electric Boat class and won the National High Points title.

    Factory Drivers

    Roy Blackwell, Bill Blackwell, Mark Blackwell, Cameron Hansing, Anne Thurman, Mike Bartlett, Brian Bartlett, Buddy Dold, Earl Garrison, Patrick Gleason, Kyle Bahl, Roy Bradfield, Jason Williams, Dustin Thorsen, Jack Terrell, Steve Wilde, Venita Longley, J. Micheal Kelly, Kristina Kelly, Mike Perman, Jamie Nilsen, Jonathan Nilsen, Kyle Hannon, Nels Lundstrom, Shawn Walker, Collin Walker, Jake Stien, Roger Stien and Tony Ojeda, Collin Rucker, Aaron Peterson,

    We strive to design and build faster, lighter and safer racing boats while still including craftsmanship in our work.

    Bill Blackwell

    Blackwell Racing Boats

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