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    1/4 Scale Kneeler Plans - RED TAIL

    1/4 Scale Kneeler Plans - RED TAIL

    SKU#: 1
    Price: USD 20.00
    Shipping: USD 5.00
    Full Description:

    Now Available! Plans for the 1/4 Scale Kneeler r/c hydro named RED TAIL. Length: 34". Intended for 3.5cc Nitro Outboards, this new hydro is designed specifically for the new "20 Stock Kneeler" class that Jerry Dunlap is promoting! Developed from our full scale Stock Outboard hydro designs plus several iterations of model testing. These plans include 3 each D size prints (24 x 36) with full scale views, lofting views and full size templates. Building Instructions are also included as well as a disc containing 44 construction photos. These plans utilize the WOF (Wood Over Foam) construction method.

    Shipping domestic/abroad: USD 5.00/10.00

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